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HCR Electronics

In 1993 we started at the owners kitchen table with him and his nephew trying to come up with a
more reliable timer for their game feeders . After two years and many timers built for family
and friends our company was born and began producing timers commercially. Two years
later we had what most considered the "best" timer on the market. We deversified some and
began producing other electronic products like our battery testers, voltage regulators and
low battery warning system. Because of demand, we expanded the company to Canada where we
had our circuit boards built by HCR Electronics of Canada and assembly and testing performed here
in our shop in Burnet, Texas. We have since ceased all production in Canada and everything is now being
produced in our shop in Burnet. While you might find timers that look like ours, they are mostly
cheap imitations that are built in China.

Our company is veteran owned and operated and all the products we sell with the exception
of our batteries are all made right here in our shop.

Contact Us:
Telephone: (512)756-8164
2708 S. Water St
Burnet, Tx 78611 USA
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